Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blackest Words

I love when life throws crumbs at you. Little specks, tiny pieces of soul nourishment, and it's always at the most insanely BEST times. I cherish those moments unbelievably so. I can't stop smiling, and I'm literally edging forward on my chair. I love that alive feeling, of excitment, and joy, it's unmatchable. I'm struggling through writing this just because the right words won't come to describe it.

I'm always vague, even with the faceless audience of my own head sometimes, so I'm going to try to let more out here. My favorite band, and not just a band and the amazing music, also are the most gratifying and interesting pair of characters in this world. I never fail to discover more and more connection, and learn so much, and feel so much, as when whatever is happening with my life is connected somehow, in any smallest way to them. So anyways, on their website I found a link to a few letters the male counterpart had written. He's a mind blowing author and writer. And wow, talk about being stunned, floored, filled, and lifted away. Mmm. It's just made my life. Really.