Monday, October 26, 2009


I have a lot going on in my head so I'll just start.

I am wondering if women make a choice? to be oblivious to certain things when in a relationship. Like, I know my man doesnt "get" me but oh well, or I know men are all lying dirty cheats but, oh welll, I'll choose to ignore these things and be unaware.
I guess I am just questioning or trying to understand the motivation? or the why? behind people's choices. Why do people hurt the ones they love the most? Or is it, they don't really love them at all, or just not enough. So then, how do we know when someone loves us enough.
People want to put precautions on love, and therein lies the problem I think. Oh, well if you're into that, or this, I'm gone. Oh, I only will stay around if this, or that. How can that be? Is love so transitory?

I was reading old emails, from 2007:
"I guess I just want to be me. There’s something goin on either with me, or with you, if I feel like I’m hiding something or things about me. This is me. My skin, my dirt, my faults, my weakness, my beauty, my greatness, my soul. Can I give that to you? Do ya want it? Really, do ya? You sure? Can I have yours? Can you GIVE me yours?"

So many questions.
I have to stop, my brain hurts.

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  1. I'm commenting on my own post. lol.

    But I'm thinking and considering, Why do we have to feel the need to give that away to someone to love or adore. Why don't we love and adore that ourselves, and then try to serve others with what we are? ....